The health authorities have announced that rapid PCR tests are going to be introduced.

In a statement to the press, Cypriot epidemiological team member Petros Karayiannis, mentioned how the rapid tests, which as efficient as their normal counterparts, will be instrumental in speeding up the process.

Mr. Karayiannis added that as scientific advisors will be discussing implications of the test with the health ministry, an announcement indicating the extent of the application of the tests is due to be issued.

He went on to explain how these tests, which will be used in crowd-intensive areas a such as hospitals, schools, and airports will simplify the otherwise complicated process of contact tracing.

Rapid tests work by detecting certain types of proteins called antigens, which are present on the virus’ surface. Reading the antigens can also determine other factors, such as how long the person has been infected, and how much at risk they are when it comes to spreading the disease.