300,000 Trees Planted In Nicosia With Australian Donation


The Australian High Commission will has made a large donation to ‘300K Trees in Nicosia,’ an NGO Group to help them in their goal of planting 300,000 trees in the Nicosia district.

Their project coordinator, Eleftheria Louca spoke with Cyprus Mail, stating that the NGO is indebted to the Australian High Commission for helping them execute their idea to create their plant nursery. She went on to thank volunteers, who donated the area of Flasou for this purpose.

‘300K Trees in Nicosia’ was a very simple initiative taken by citizens, which became bigger with time and finally got registered as a NGO. It has shown a great aptitude in being involved with climate related issues.

The organization is known to be active and regularly liaises with many schools, universities, the government and private organizations.

Using pine, harrop and many other local species of trees, they have so far planted 7,215 trees.