36 Cases of Sexual Harassment Handled In 2021


The Cyprus Police has revealed that they have handled a total of 36 sexual harassment cases thus far, 22 of which have been filed in court.

According to Eleni Constantinou, a spokesperson for the Cyprus Police, there are a total of 36 cases under investigation by the special unit dealing with sexual harassment issues. 22 of these have already been filed in court, while 9 others are still being investigated.

Ms. Constantinou stated that the police are continuing to collect statements, evidence and clues concerning the cases under investigation. She further added that legal service, has decided not to press charges in 2 out of 3 cases it is currently studying.

She has urged people with information to remain quiet in public, but be as detailed as possible when interacting with the police.

The Cyprus police has seen a considerable increase in complaints – chiefly after the incident of the Greek athlete Sophia Bekatorou, who spoke about her rape publicly.