In what is the first serial killing incident on the island nation – the Police have found yet another dead body in due course of their investigations.

The 7th body found is that of the daughter of the first victim. Found in Nicosia, the body was discovered at around 6 meters depth, wrapped in a bedsheet and weighed down with a block of cement. Said discovery completes the obtaining of the dead bodies of all the seven victims that the suspect has confessed to murdering.

The investigation sparked off after the police found the body of one of the seven victims – that of Marry Rose Tiburcio, a 38-year-old Filipino national in a flooded mine shaft in the capital city of Nicosia on the 14th of April 2019. Tiburcio, along with her 6-Year-old daughter were reported missing on May 5, 2018.

According to the Cyprus Police, the suspect, who is a career officer in the Cypriot National Guard, has confessed to killing five adult women and two children – all of whom were foreign nationals. According to his confession, he met some of these victims on an online dating site where he went by the name “Orestes.”