According to a study conducted by the national agency for demographic and family policy, the average age for marriage in the island country has shifted to 30 years old.

Statistics have revealed that men in Cyprus enter their first marriage at age of 31.2 years on an average whereas women do so at around 29.4 years. Said figures tend to be lower in the rural areas.

In 2017, 1,896 men within the age group of 30-34 entered marriage for the first time, while in 2018 249 men and 118 women got married, along with 36 women who had crossed 60 years of age.

The total number of marriages in a year have also decreased. In 2017 this figure stood at 13,062 from 13,558 in 2016. The downward trend is expected to continue in 2018.

2017 saw a grand total of 9,120 civil weddings, with 2,301 weddings being held in September, Cypriot’s month of choice for marriage ceremonies.

Other statistics, such as that of divorce, were also revealed. With every 1 in three marriages leading to divorce, divorce rates in Cyprus reached 307.7 per 1,000 marriages in 2017 – more than seven time from the very low rate 41.6 in 1980.