According to a survey, Cyprus has been found as the best and most popular winter destination for Britons in 2019, followed by Canary Islands Lanzarote and Tenerife.

The research, which was conducted by the UK Post Office’s Travel Money team, considered factors such as the cost of a one-week holiday package and the cost of dinner (including wine), as well as the average price of beer and coffee.

Within Cyprus, the city of Paphos proved to be the most popular destination, with trips costing around £381.98pp on an average.

The biggest reason contributing to Cyprus’ popularity is perhaps the fact that temperatures in the island nation are not too hot, and definitely much more pleasant than the brutal winter months of the UK. Not only is there an abundance of sunshine, the temperatures go up to around 16C.

Though not exactly the ideal weather to laze on the beach, it is quite suitable for people who like exploring and sightseeing.

Other popular destination on the list included Dubai, Phuket and Cancun.