An explosion on a product tanker off Cyprus’ southern coast had started a massive fire that has at least five crewmembers injured.

The explosion took place on Athlos, a 7,000 dwt product tanker that has left the port of Larnaca on a ballast voyage. The blast happened sometime during amidships and had 5 crew members going to the side. Two of these, both Indian nationals, sustained serious injuries in the shape of severe burns.

All the five were rescued by Cypriot responders, who ferried them to the shore to get treated. The two severely burnt were sent to hospital in Nicosia, while the remaining three, who only suffered minor burns, were given first aid.

Responders included the fire department, the health ministry, local harbor tugs, the JRCC Larnaca, and the Cypriot port and maritime police.

The cause of the explosion is yet to be known and is current being investigated by authorities. Meanwhile, the Athlos will remain in Cyprus pending a detailed examination.