In what can be considered a truly moving event for veterans and their families, hundreds of British Forces Cyprus personnel commemorated Bases Remembrance Day services by personally paying their respects to troops which have fought in conflicts in different parts of the world.

In a very moving gesture, hundreds of civilians, sailors, soldiers, and airmen attended services in Ayios Nikolaos, Episkopi, Akrotiri, and Dhekelia – laying wreaths and bowing their heads to commemorate the sacrifice made by military personnel in the name of their country.

Attending the services in Dhekelia, Major General James Illingworth, Commander British Forces Cyprus, gave the crowd a moral impetus, emphasizing how everyone was there to honor the courage and sacrifice made by generations of men and women in the British service who have their lives to protect the very freedoms that is being enjoyed at this date.

Also present at the event were spouses and children of military personnel. Many children paraded in their guides and scouts uniforms. Scores of ex-service personnel organizations also showed up at the event.