Russian biker Sergey Severin has completed a bike-ride all around Cyprus in only 3.5 days, setting a record in his area.

Covering a total distance of 600 kilometers, Sergey Severin started his Limassol at 6 am, and rode all along the island’s perimeter till he came back to his starting point.

The athlete he spent a total of 53 hours in the saddle and only took small breaks for sleeping and eating. Mr. Severin crossed the Green Line twice.

Mr. Severin had great things to say about the island nation, emphasizing how Cyprus remains a beautiful country even in the winter season, and that there are always a healthy amount of landscapes and opportunities for outdoor activities available all year.

He also added that while it was more of a timed challenge for him, one should take a week if they truly want to enjoy the scenery.

Mr Severin heads the Russian extreme PLAN X Adventure Team, and in 2015, had used his bicycle to cross the frozen Lake Baikal from its northern to southern tip.