The island country of Cyprus may have its own problems, but that does not stop its people from taking part in the global community and care for the deprived. Demonstrating a rare act of kindness, Pastor Isaac Samuels II, the General overseer of the Jesus Inspiration Christian Commission (JICC), donated several materials to the Christian Association of the Blind in Liberia.

Held under the theme of “We Stand for Miracle”, the donation programme was held on the Christian Association of the Blind’s compound, which stands along the Robertsfield High Way.

The donated items were an assortment of different essential materials, including (but not limited to clothes, toys, soaps and tissue, vegetable oil and five bags of rice.

Speaking in an interview, Pastor Samuels explained the reason behind the initiative. According to the Pastor, the spirit of God inspired him to go all the way to Liberia and help the those who need them. Which in this case were the blind children.

The Pastor also explained how the deplorable condition of the children moved him to tears, seeing the effect of what happens when there is no one to take care of the young ones.

The General Overseer of JICC has said that the donation programme won’t be all – they have plans to build an orphanage so that they can provide a home to as many disadvantage young people as they possibly can.

An international church based in Nicosia, JICC is dedicated make lives better through “the word of God.” It is also involved with charity and helping the deprived all over the world.