A resident of Paphos aged 39 was called to trial after a case of his two dogs attacking two women and injuring them gravely.

The dogs – specifically, two Rottweilers attacked and injured a 79-year-old woman and her 45-year-old daughter as they were taking a walk in Paphos’ Pharos area. Both women are currently in hospital.

The dogs, who had initially set upon the elderly woman, escaped the owner, who was in fact a relative of the two women. The daughter, who rushed to her mother’s aid when she saw her mother was attacked, was attacked as well.

Both were rushed to Paphos hospital by car and had sustained multiple injuries. The mother had sustained a head injury, while both of them had sustained multiple bites and scratches.

According to Panicos Stavrianou, the pathologist who had examined the women on Monday, reported that they will remain in hospital for some time in order to recover from the treatment done by surgeons and orthopedic doctors.

They will also be examined by Sofoclis Sofocleous the State-pathologist on behalf of the authorities.

In the meantime, the owner of the dogs went to trial at the Paphos district court for their negligence and offences. A hearing date of May 9 has been set while the man has been charged and then released. The dogs were also examined by professional vet services but have not been deemed as “dangerous” and will not be put to sleep.