In what is being considered as good news for the population in Cyprus, the island country has seen a record rise in birth rates. According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT), as of 2016, the total fertility rate in the island country stood at 1.37 children per woman in 2016.

Publishing its “Demographic Report 2016”, CYSTAT has stated that the birthrate in 2016 was 9.455, a welcome increase from 9.170 in 2015. Further information in the report revealed that the number of deaths in 2016 was 5.471 while the crude death rate remained at 6.4 deaths per thousand population.

All of this makes the expectancy rate as 84.7 years for females and 80.3 years for males.

Other information reveals the increase of marriages from 13.006 in 2015 to 13.558 in 2016. Cyprus residents’ marriages totaled 6.375 in 2016, from which of which 2.449 were civil and 3.926 were ecclesiastical. Also increased in 2016 were the number of divorces – going up from 1.807 in 2015 to 1.948 in 2016.