In a surprising news for professionals and workers alike, a UK-based company’s survey has revealed that Cyprus stands at the top of EU countries as regards celebrating the number of bank holidays.

According to an interactive map produced by mapping software developing company Esri UK, the island nation and Slovakia have 15 bank holidays each – the largest among all EU member states. Additionally, the map revealed that the average working week in Cyprus is 41.6 hours long.

Besides, religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, and political holidays like Labor Day and Independence day, Cyprus observes several other bank holidays such as the Ochi Day, the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821, and the anniversary of the launch of the Eoka struggle against British rule.

Following Cyprus and Slovakia are Lithuania, Malta, and Greece, which have 14 bank holidays.

While England and Wales are on the lower end of the number of bank holidays with only eight, they have the largest amount of work hours, averaging to 42.1 hours a week. Cyprus comes second to this with Austria, Greece and Portugal coming third and fourth with 41.3 hours and 41 hours respectively.