Crime rate in Cyprus is on the rise, and if recent events are anything to go by, they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Among the latest incidents of robberies is a kebab shop which was robbed by armed robbers who stole €40,000.

The incident involved the kebab shop’s owner closing his business and leaving in his car when two armed and hooded individuals appeared. While one fired a shot up in the air, the other grabbed the owner’s bag, which had over €40,000 worth of cash in it.

According to the owner of the shop, the perpetrators were both men. He also said that he tried to fight with the attackers but got injured in the process.

After grabbing the bag full of money, the thieves left the scene in a stolen Mazda 323 car.

This was not the only such robbery that had taken place that day – another had taken place in Mesoyi not much later. This incident also involved armed robbers who fired a shot in the air outside a resident’s house, and once he opened the door, hit him with a wooden object and stole over €2,000 before fleeing.