In the latest incident, a 34-year-old in Limassol was arrested on suspicion of physically assaulting his own mother.

The man, who was sitting in the passenger seat in a car that was being driven by his mother, allegedly made her stop, got out of his seat, removed his clothing and began to hit his mother with a pen-knife after opening her side of the door. After this, he even pulled her out of her sear to further hit her and kick her head.

Notably, the man did not stop even after his stepfather intervened in the scene to stop him. In fact, the man ran away in his stepfather’s car after threating him with the pen knife as well.

He was arrested after being spotted by the police around one-and-a-half hours after the incident.

In the meantime, his mother was hospitalized and taken to a private hospital. She sustained eye injuries, as well as face and neck as abrasions. Both appeared to have been made with sharp instruments.