News outlet Philenews has reported that pharmacies all over Cyprus have a severe shortage of surgical masks after they were all sold out due to coronavirus fears.

While the island nation has not seen any cases of the rapidly spreading coronavirus so far, the panic related to the global crisis has surely overtaken it. Despite high-level screening being done at all ports of entry, people have panicked enough to buy surgical masks in large quantities – an act that has caused a severe shortage of the same.

According to Eleni Piera Isseyeg, president of the Pharmacists Association, the coronavirus outbreak has superseded the pharmacies extra stock that is generally kept in anticipation of the flu season. Much like the rest of Europe, masks have practically sold out as people are in panic over contracting the disease.

Ms. Isseyeg, who explained that most of the mask buyers are travelers and tourists (especially Chinese tourists) buying extra masks to take home to relatives, has urged the public to exercise discretion while buying them.

In the meantime, another item whose stocks have suffered are antiseptic gels. Heightened concerns over the coronavirus outbreak has caused scores of people to buy these gels in large quantities, which has caused a shortage in their supply.