The citizens of Cyprus are very concerned about the quality of their surroundings, and the enthusiasm shown by them for the annual cleanup only affirms this fact.

For this year’s ‘Let’s do it Cyprus’ clean-up campaign, the number of volunteers has already crossed 40K volunteers – much before the actual event. The event itself is an annual one held every year in April which aims to clean the island of as much rubbish as possible within a one-day period. The date for this year is April 29th.

The registration turnup, which is currently at 43,000, has far surpassed the target of 40K volunteers (i.e. around 1/20th of the population). More are expected to register before the actual event.

The ‘Let’s do it Cyprus’ campaign is in fact a function of the larger and international ‘Let’s Do It World’, campaign, one of the largest volunteer programmes of the world which sims to utilize the power of the common people to get rid of rubbish. The campaign is in fact the largest civilian movement to have been organized on a global scale.

The campaign started in Estonia in 2008, with over 50,000 volunteers gathering to clean up 10,000 tons of rubbish. They managed to clean up the entire country in a mere five hours.

Nine years later, over 16 million volunteers across 113 countries has been participating in Let’s do it campaigns.

The Let’s do it campaign has been taking place in Cyprus since 2012 and has had over 120 tons of rubbish collected and cleaned.