The app taxi services have taken the entire world by storm, and Cyprus is certainly no exception. The island country will soon get its own get its own app cabs service in the form of a new application called Taxify.

Not only does the app allow seamless ordering of taxis regardless of the time, it will give the user other facilities as well. With the help of the app, the user can set their own location and then see and order the partner taxi that is closest to them. They can also tracked the taxi’s location and get estimates of how long the taxi will take to arrive.

Furthermore, users can track their routes whilst being inside the cab, which will prevent drivers from taking longer or unknown routes and also from overcharging for trips. Customers will have the option to pay either by cash or through their mobiles.

Taxify has already garnered a good reputation in Europe and after a successful run in the Cypriot capital, will expand its services to the whole island.

The Estonia-made app has already proved to be a massive success in Europe, Africa and Central America, having over 5 million users across 30 countries and transactions worth more than $1 billion.

The app will be available on Windows, iOS and Android phones.