On behalf of the Cyprus Police and Justice system, the new police chief in Cyprus has apologized over the “rather negligent” handling of the serial killing case that shook the morals of the people all over the island nation.

Cyprus Police Chief Kypros Michaelides apologized to the to the families of the 7 foreign women and their daughters who were killed by the army captain (according to his own confession). He explained how the police could not protect the victims, and addition failed to conduct a proper investigation. He further added that the people who failed to do their duties would be held responsible.

Trying to smoothen ruffled feathers, Michaelides said that he fully understood the public’s frustrations and anger and promised to do everything that was “humanly possible” to restore lost ground and the trust of the public in the island’s policing system.

This comes a week after the resignation of the Justice Minister and the firing of the then police chief by President Nicos Anastasiades. All of this happened on grounds of improper investigations into the first missing persons, which, if done properly, could have found the suspect much before he could kill the women and girls who became his later victims.

Victims include a 36-year-old woman from Romania along with her eight-year-old daughter – both of who went missing in 2016. The police, however, instead of diving deeper into the matter, has apparently said that the mother-daughter has absconded to Turkish Cypriot.

Had the police made their investigations properly, the next five who went on to become the suspect’s victims would never have disappeared in the first place. These included two Filipino women, a Nepalese woman, and two other as of yet unidentified girls.