The union of State doctors, popularly known as Pasyki has confirmed that its members would be going on a three-hour strike, during which they will not be working.

The protest in question is against the lack of change in stance of Okypy (the state health services organization) on the matter of making incentives for specialists’ services.

Soteris Koumas, the union leader said in a statement that all members of the Pasyki will not be working in their respective state hospitals in the morning for protests. He further defended the Payski, saying how protesting is a course of action they had to take up due to the lack of suspension by of certain rules by Okypy. The explained how the union is upset over various issues such as incentives given to state specialists, the lack of doctors and other medical staff in state hospitals, the abject lack of vocational training, among others.

Okypy’s spokesman Charalambos Charilaou, on the other hand, claimed that they were highly surprised to see Pasyki’s decision especially since dialogues and negotiations were underway with all state doctors’ unions.