In a shocking piece of news that shows the unfortunate rise of youth-perpetrated crime, a 17-year-old teenager has been arrested in connection to the sexual assault of a senior citizen.

The teenager, who has not been named for security reasons, has been arrested on grounds of allegedly raping and injuring an 81-year-old woman, and will be in custody for a minimum of five days.

Said incident, which took place in Nicosia in the evening, was reported by the victim’s husband, also 81. He gave the details of the assault, wherein that an unknown perpetrator broke into their house while he was away, and went on to rape and injure his wife. The woman sustained pelvic fractures and was transferred to Nicosia general hospital for treatment.

The arrested 17-year-old is currently being investigated, and if found guilty will be charged with break and entry, rape, sexual assault, as well as causing grievous bodily harm.