How Do You "Transfer" Your Business Into NC From Another Location?


As a business law attorney service, among the most regular concerns I am asked is some variation of “How do I move my out-of-state business to NC?” I’ll attend to the most typical situations and the sensible choices readily available. I’m utilizing Florida as the other state simply for example functions (my firm also practices in FL), however the exact same basic procedure holds true no matter which state your business is currently located.


Situation A: “I reside in Florida, where my business was formed, however I’m transferring to Charlotte, NC and moving forward I will be working from Charlotte, NC rather of Southern Florida. How would I accomplish this successfully?”


Choice 1: transform your Florida business into a North Carolina business. The business would require to follow the law of the state it is coming from as far as winding down any business and otherwise covering up affairs in that state, and would generally require to have actually passed a resolution or comparable authorizing the conversion to a NC business.

Choice 2: shut your Florida business down and begin a brand-new one in North Carolina. While the timing of the actions in North Carolina might differ to some degree, you ‘d go ahead and develop a North Carolina LLC.

Choice 3: keep your Florida business open and register it with the State of North Carolina as a foreign business licensed to negotiate in North Carolina. Presuming you are authorized by NC, you’re now excellent to go to perform business in both states, or either state, and you can have your primary location of business in either state.


In particular circumstances, you might keep your Florida LLC open, and rather of registering it with North Carolina, you’d choose to develop and register a different however associated business entity in North Carolina. You will likely be needed to pay yearly charges to each state and file taxes in each state, which are crucial elements to think about.

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