The Cyprus problem has caused grief to generations, and judging the current circumstances, the people are now keen to see it end. Unite Cyprus Now, a advocacy group seeking an end to the Cyprus issue, called to courage on the political level as marked its first year anniversary.

The group, which calls itself multi communal and works for the people, celebrated the occasion by gathering at the Ledra/Lokmaci crossing, and actively calling for a solution for the Cyprus problem. They gave particularly during the botched round of talks in Crans Montana.

In the gathering, spokespersons for the group touched upon their one-year anniversary and their cause in ending what they believe to be a “shameful division” of the island nations. They added that all Cypriots, regardless of their age, backgrounds, and political preferences wanted one thing – for Cyprus to be reunited.

The also said that the entire atmosphere lacked some political courage and the only way that could be accomplished is for people to push for a united Cyprus and make their best effort to leave for the future generations a country which remains united, peaceful stable and secure.