A woman who had been killed while walking along a highway has been identified.

The Cyprus Police revealed in a statement that the deceased woman was a 52-year-old Bulgarian national, who lived and worked in Cyprus.

The claim comes after the police’s public request to help identify the woman.

She was killed by a speeding car while she was walking along the highway to the airport from Larnaca via the Kalo Chorio roundabout.

The person driving the car was a 65-year-old man, who also suffered injuries and taken to Larnaca general hospital along with the woman.

The woman ultimately succumbed to her injuries. Meanwhile, the man was give a drug and an alcohol test, both of which came back negative.

The police confiscated his car and ultimately found that the woman was in fact walking in the middle of the highway when she was hit.

The woman had no living relatives on the island nation. A friend of the woman helped the police identify her body.