Are you an expat thinking of finding a new destination overseas. If so, then Cyprus may not be your first choice. According to the results of a work-life balance survey for expats, the island nation ranks among the lowest, making it rather unsuitable for expats in that regard.

According to the survey conducted by Expat Insider, Cyprus was ranked 51st out of 65 countries in terms of a bad work-life balance.

The top scoring countries offering the best work-life balance prospects were Malta, Oman, Bahrain, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

The worst, on the other hand included Japan (being the 60th and offering the least work-life balance), as well as Italy, Greece, Kuwait, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Hong Kong, South Korea, and India.

Globally speaking, full time-working expats in Cyprus work for an average of 44.3 hours per week, with only 60 percent being satisfied with their current work-life balance and 61 per cent being satisfied about their work hours.

According to Expat Insider, work hours were not the only precursor to the level of satisfaction with work-life balance. Other factors such as education, gender, and benefits (among others) also played a vital role.

Data for the survey was collected from over 13,000 expats from 188 different countries and territories. Expat networking platform InterNations compiled the ranking of the destinations according to the level of work-life balance they had to offer.