A political leader from the Indian state of Rajasthan is claiming that around 10 sailors from the Indian Merchant Navy are stuck on a ship in Northern Cyprus.

The politician, Charmesh Sharma, a member of the Indian National Congress Party in Bundi, Rajasthan, has stated that the sailors are part of a 13-member ship that is currently anchored off the coast of Cyprus and has not been permitted to disembark.

The cause of the incident is the fact that the original owners of the vessel sold it to another company in haste, and the latter is now pressuring the vessel’s crew to take it to Libya. The crew stopped in Cyprus to get relief but have not received any from the government or otherwise.

Mr. Sharma further stated that he got the news from the family of one of the sailors. One of the 10 sailors, Sanjeev Singh Rathod – informed his wife of the situation over a WhatsApp call.