Cyprus has always been keen on making the world a better place, and recent events have made this a bigger fact. In what is being a welcoming news for the philanthropic community, The Cyprus Hotel Association has announced a donation of €100,000 to aid those affected by the wildfire that took place in July in eastern Attica.

Haris Loizides, the president of the association, expressed his deepest sympathies in a letter to Elena Kountoura, Greek Tourism Minister on the matter. He also expressed solidarity towards the victims and their families who were adversely affected by the wildfire in eastern Attica which killed over 90 people.

Loizides went on to say that the association and its members have a “national obligation” to help as much as they possibly everyone can to relieve the Greek fire-stricken communities, and in turn contribute to the universal effort of Cypriot Hellenism.

He also stated that the contribution will be paid through procedures foreseen by both the Cypriot Volunteer Commissioner and the Republic of Cyprus.