The lockdowns put in place have inconvenienced many, and tourists are no exception. In Cyprus alone, hundreds of tourists have been left stranded.

British tourists standred here, however, are about to get a reprieve, the British government is making arrangement to fly them out of the island nation.

In one of the biggest repatriation missions of recent times, the British government will be sending 10 flights to rescue all British tourists who are currently left stranded due to ongoing travel restrictions.

The flights, which will run from April 25 to April 30, will be operated by Aegean Airlines. The flights will arrive to Larnaca and return to Edinburgh, Heathrow, and Manchester.

The meaure has been taken by the Foreign Office seeing the plight of stranded tourists and the ban on flights that is set to remain at least till April 30.

A statement by the Foreign Office clarified the situation, saying that while all commercial flights have been banned, few cargo and humanitarian flights will still be allowed on a case-by-case basis.