A surprisingly concerning statistic has revealed that children in Cyprus fall below the average line when it comes to math, science and reading.

According to a report that was published by the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) after studying scores by comparing those of 2018 with those of 2015, the organization found that children in 2018 have scored quite a bit worse that what they did in 2015.

When it comes to reading, scores on an average have gone down from 442 in 2015 to a 424 average as of 2018 – which is quite the downward trend.

As far as science as math is concerned, these have shown an improvement – with scores for science having improved from 433 in 2015 to 439 in 2018; and that of math having gone up from 437 in 2015 to 451 in 2018 – all of the scores still fall well below the average of the 79 nations that were part of the study.

On the top of the list were Eastern Asian countries, especially China, followed by Singapore (which had previously topped the chart in 2015), both of which outperformed almost every other country. The top performer in Europe was a title bagged by Estonia.

Pisa is an international survey that triennially evaluates education systems all over the world via testing 15-year-old children’s knowledge and skills.