The Larnaca district court has remanded a 30-year-old man who was arrested in for conducting multiple burglaries in the Larnaca and Nicosia region.

The man is one out of two suspects who were arrested after the police found that the jewelry in their possession was in fact not theirs.

The men, aged 33 and 33, were caught whilst attempting to sell jewelry for cash in a Larnaca gold shop by Nicosia police officers who were en route to investigate a jewelry theft case. When asked as to how they could have come in possession of the jewelry, the men failed to give a suitable explanation – putting them on the police’s radar.

Other objects found with the remanded 30-year-old included some clothes, a knife, and three credit cards that were found to have been reported as stolen in Nicosia.

Upon questioning, the man ultimately allegedly admitted to carrying out one burglary in Nicosia and ten in Larnaca.