Cyprus To Celebrate Researchers’ Night

In what is being considered fantastic news for the researchers and innovators in the world of tech, the island country will be celebrating its own `Researchers’ Night`, along with 300 cities all across Europe.

Organized by The Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation for the 11th consecutive year, the event, which is receiving support from the European Commission, will attract the interest of thousands of people who want to take part or be informed about research and innovation in science and technology, and how said innovations will contribute to everyday living in the modern society.

The event, which will be held the premises of the State Fair in Nicosia will be free to attend, and will be inaugurated by President Nicos Anastasiades. Several notable personalities, such as Dr Vassilis Tsakalos, Director General of the Research Promotion Foundation, will also be present. As already mentioned, the event will aim to bring together people of all ages, attributes and perspectives, who are interested in innovation, and showcase innovation and research projects that have been implemented by Cypriot enterprises, universities, and research centers.

The evening will include experiments, discussions, games, competitions, as well as musical and theatrical events, along with a ceremony that will be held in honor of and Nobel Prize winning Economist and Professor Christoforos Pissarides.

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