Larnaca Saves Energy As Part Of A New European Drive

In what is being considered as a great move for innovators and environments alike, the Larnaca has announced that the city has saved over 59,000 kWh and has managed to lessen the emissions of carbon monoxide by at least 51 tons as part of the 3 year program which ended on September 30.

Issuing a statement, the municipality added that the results are indicative of the willingness of participating families to adopt style of living that is more sustainable in the short and long run.

Family Intelligent Energy Targeted Action is a special European initiative, which includes 19 different partnering institutions from as much as 5 different European countries in the south – Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus, who are all committed to helping families reduce their energy consumption. Spanning three years, the program reduced CO2 emission by 896 tons.

As part of the project, residents were visited at home and their energy consumption was recorded and analyzed. After that, every received a personalized report along with advice on how they can reduce their consumption. Special attention was paid to vulnerable consumers, those who lived on low incomes.

According to Fiesta’s website, households were responsible for a large share of energy consumption in Europe, and therefore program made them the main target of reducing energy consumption. The website says that over 29 percent of total energy consumption actually takes place in households.

The Fiesta program is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme package, and Area Science Park Trieste acts as the project coordinator.

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