Brand New Live Art Experience A Hit With Visitors And Critics

In what is being considered a breakthrough development in live art, a brand new live art experience has been launched in Paphos, which has proved to be a hit among both fans and critics.

Launched as a part of the Pafos2017 program, “Remote Paphos,” sees groups of people put on their headphones to get in for an immersive and collective, yet individual experience that is bound to make a lasting impression. The project has been created under the guidance of Rimini Protokoll, a one-of-a-kind theatre group that has established itself as one of Europe’s the most important and influential performers and artistes.

Executed in a simple, yet clever concept, the live experience involves fifty mostly-strangers, participating as actors, and being guided through a pre-planned route through instructions that will be relayed via high quality Sennheiser headphones, which will remain attached to mini-player that will stay clipped to a pocket or belt. The experience is set to continue for an hour and 40 minutes.

A truly one-of-a-kind system, ‘Remote Paphos’ intends to take a look at the systems which govern us and our lives and studies the way we respond to them, socially, physically and mentally. Aside from being memorable and enjoyable, it also manages to bring out the thinkers in people by questioning their individuality, judgment and tendency to (or not to) confirm.

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