Compounding the Cyprus issue of separation and reunification is the fact that Cyprus has now approached the UN Security Council to help reach an agreement on the issue of Varosha.

The Security Council will begin planning of the discussion of the threat of Turkey to settle in the fenced town of Varosha in Famagusta. This was done after Andreas Mavroyiannis, the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN sent an official request to the international organization. Once the discussion will be conducted during a closed session, the date of the official discussion shall be finalized.

Once the official discussion is done, a presidential statement will be issued to reaffirm the relevant resolutions on the matter.

In addition to the official request, Mavroyiannis will be sending letters to the General Assembly President as well as the Security Council President detailing how the Turkish are threatening to make Varosha their personal settlement. Said letters will be circulating as official documents of the UN.