3 honey-producers from the country have won huge accolades at the London Honey Awards in 2019.

Winner include – Ayii Anargyri’s Thyme Blossom Honey, which won the Gold Honey Award, and Mount Machairas and Thries Honey, which each won the Silver Award.

Ayii Anargyri was founded in 1975, and besides the Thyme Blossom Honey, produces the Orange as well as the Mountain Blossom Honey. Meanwhile, Silver award winners Mount Machairas, which was founded in 1983, additionally produces pure pollen and genuine Cypriot royal jelly. Thries Honey, on the other hand was founded in 2012 as a small family business and was named after the 3 Thries Nymphs who were known for their love for honey.

The London Honey Awards included participants from over 150 different companies from all over Europe – many from Greece and Italy. The “blind” method of tasting product samples to judge its taste, features and quality were used by judges.