A newly published study has revealed that Cyprus has the second lowest rate overcrowded households populated by non-EU citizens among all countries of the European Union.

The study, which was conducted and published by Eurostat, revealed that the island nation stands second only to Ireland, which has the lowest rate of non-EU citizens who live in overcrowded homes.

The study further revealed that around 35% of non-EU citizens who lived in EU countries dwelled in overcrowded homes. In other words, the number of rooms in most of these households did not correspond to the family sizes. The name rate for EU nationals, on the other hand, stood at 17 per cent.

In all EU countries, the member states to have the highest rates for non-EU citizens living in overcrowded homes included Bulgaria (the highest of these at 60%), followed by Croatia, Poland, and Greece at 59%, 56% and 55% respectively.