A leading figure from the section has apparently caused widespread alarm by calling another Cyprus invasion, more than forty-four years after the painful partition of the Mediterranean island nation.

According to Meral Aksener’s speech in the Ankara’s parliament, Cyprus has been and shall remain Turkish, and that anything else being said is inaccurate. She went on to predict an open war could be on the horizon given the amount of tension mounting over to exploit oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean area.

Ms. Aksener went on to warn lawmakers that “Aishe may go on holiday again” should the need arise. Said phrase is historic given its use by the Turkish army when launching the invasion of Cyprus back in 1974.

The norther portion of Cyprus is occupied by over 40,000 Turkish troops, who “guard” a a rump state called the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.” It is unrecognized by all but Turkey.

While several efforts have been made to reconcile the two communities and end the decades-long ceasefire with the Greek south, the island has remained divided and continues to do so.

Aksener aka “she wolf” – as she is called in certain circles – a former interior minister accused the Greek Cypriot government of engaging in “imperialist activity” by solely commissioning energy companies to explore oil and gas.