Cyprus Promotes Tourism Along with Its Neighboring Countries


In a bid to improve the tourism industry and help it flourish further, Cyprus officials are making a joint effort with its neighbors. Savvas Perdios, Tourism Deputy Minister of Cyprus, has met with his counterparts in Jordan and Lebanon, and will be visiting Israel, Greece, Egypt to reach an agreement when it comes to common tourism packages.

According to a press release made by the office of the deputy minister, Mr. Perdios has submitted proposals to each country for the purpose of reaching said common agreement.

Common tourism packages are set to include places of natural as well as urban interest, events of significance, monuments, and cultural attractions. Authorities assume that this would prove to be far more popular with visitors who could visit attractions in all countries as part of a single package.

The deputy ministry wishes for all efforts to reach a desirable outcome as soon as is possible, and to that end, is working methodically to achieve the goal.