Nikos Voutsis, Parliamentary President of Greece presented the first 4 volumes of the “Cyprus File” to Prokopios Pavlopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic.

Prepared for over two years, the volumes contain all notes of the Special Examining Committee, which was set up over thirty-three years ago to investigate the turn of events that culminated into the ultimate division of the island nation.

President Voutsis announced that the project, which had originally started in 2015 when would be available on the Greek parliament’s website in the near future. He added that having the material available to both the Greek and the international public will help ignite a movement to collect more similar material which in turn will help restore the historic memory of the island nation.

President Pavlopoulos, who was highly appreciative of the gesture, emphasized on the importance of an informed international public opinion. He spoke about how important it was for the details of something as traumatic as Cyprus’ division to be known to the public. He went on to congratulate both the Greek President and parliament, as well as the Cyprus’ House of Representatives on their initiative.