Viper Bite Sends Young Girl To Hospital


A 9-year-old girl is undergoing treatment in Makarios General Hospital after being bitten by a viper.

This is the second of such incidents, after a 6-year-old boy underwent a similar treatment after also being bitten by a viper.

The girl’s family, who reported the incident, said that the viper was on the window of the room where are girl was playing. It was spotted by the family cat, who confronted it, after biting it, tried to throw it away. However, the injured viper fell on the 9-year-old and bit her.

The girl was rushed to Paphos hospital, where she was administered with the anti-venom serum. The girl was then transferred to Makarios hospital for further treatment.

Snake bites are fairly common in Cyprus, with hospitals dealing with up to 4 cases every year.