A woman stabbed her 12-year-old son to death and thereafter attempted to commit suicide.

The act was discovered when the woman’s husband and child’s stepfather, a Greek Cypriot man of 52 years of age, could not enter his own flat on account of the locked door and no answers on knocking. A traffic policeman himself, he called the fire department, who broke in through the window to discover the child dead in his bed, along with the woman unconscious in the hall.

Medical examination proved that the child was killed from being strangulated by his mother. Other wounds and corresponding sharp objects were also found, which is determined to probably have been used in the crime.

The woman, who was found injured and unconscious was taken to Nicosia General Hospital by ambulance, where she had to undergo surgery, he said. The 40-year-old Kazakhstani woman, who committed the crime in Yeri, Nicosia, is currently serious but not critical condition.