In what is being considered a very interesting development in the Cypriot community, Cyprus will be getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name an exoplanet.

Coming right after the accession of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organization’s (CSEO) to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the process of naming will start with a crowd-based campaign. A press conference to be held at a later date will announce other details such as timeframes, the details of the exoplanet, and of course, what the name itself will be.

Founded in 1919 the IAU aims of safeguard and promote the interests of the astronomy community all over the world via international cooperation. It currently stands as the largest body in the world serving the interests of astronomers. Members includes professional astronomers from the world over.

In addition to the above, the IAU functions to assign designations to and surface features on celestial bodies.