Cyprus has begun the creation of what will be the country’s first ever artificial reef by sinking a 63-meter cargo ship off of its coast.

The move comes after the island country’s concerns of coral reefs being endangered due to climate change; authorities and scientist believe that the latest attempt will help combat the situation and helping marine life to thrive as well as attract divers from abroad.

In a statement to the press, Costas Kadis, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment for Cyprus, explained how pursuing sustainable development project which has a positive contribution to the ecosystem is one  of the their biggest priorities, and that they plan to see them through to fulfill their goal of helping both enrich and protect marine biodiversity, while furthering the country’s economy and touristic products.

The sunken vessel, called Elpida, which was originally destined for scrap, is now going to be the beginning of a reef.

The Elpida will be joined by another smaller one in the span of a few days.