In what is being considered a rather surprising news, both for Cypriots and for people across Europe, people from the island country are prone to taking sick leaves than others.

According to a study conducted by Eurostat, Cyprus had the most number of paid sick leaves across the EU in 2015.

The figures say that Cypriots received a total of 8.5 per cent of all total social benefits spent on paid sick leave, which is more than twice of that of the average in the European Union.

While these developments are not new, they are worrisome for employers as well as the economy at large.

Second on Eurostat’s list were the Netherlands and Germany, both of which paid a total social benefit of 6.1 per cent for paid sick leave. Lowest on the list was Greece at 0.7 per cent, followed by Italy, Portugal and Romania at 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 per cent, respectively.