According to a news release from the municipality in Paphos, five urban regeneration projects in the city that have been in planning will finally be inaugurated by President Nicos Anastasiades.

A spokesman for the President revealed that the island nation’s leader will be visiting Paphos on Sunday to preside over the celebrations which will be held at Kennedy Square. He added that these projects, which have been meticulously planned and thoroughly well-kept, have already changed Paphos and will give its image a much-needed makeover that will change the lives of people for decades to come.

The projects include a number of tasks, from improving sections of Evagoras Pallikaridis Avenue and Andreas Tselelepou and Zenonos Kitionos Streets, remodeling sites in Mouttallos,  and upgrading the Governor’s Square and its nearby buildings, to upgrading Kennedy Square and the traditional center.

The upcoming inauguration event will have greetings from Phedonas Phe-donos (the mayor of Paphos), a speech by the director of European and investment funds of European programmes, a short film portraying the upcoming projects, a musical programme presented by the Paphos music school and the Philharmonic orchestra of the municipality of Paphos, and of course, a speech by the Cypriot president.

The spokesman further added that the President would be taking a tour of the works before the event which is set of be an open reception. President Anastasiades will be revealing a commemorative plaque as well.

In addition to the municipality’s issuance, the news of the inauguration ceremony was also announced by Phedonos on social media using his famous slogan: “Paphos is changing and celebrating!”