The President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has announced that he will be reshuffling his cabinet in order to make up for the absence of his long-serving finance minister.

Outgoing Finance Minister, who is credited for overseeing the rebound of the Cypriot economy from its debilitating financial crisis will be replaced in his post by now outgoing Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides.

Mr. Petrides will be taking over after a 6-year term by Harris Georgiades, who was appointed immediately after a multibillion-euro rescue deal that Cyprus had to sign after having to face a severe banking crisis that almost bankrupted the country’s banking system.

The move has not been a surprising one, given Georgiades’ announcement earlier this year that he would be vacating his position after an inquiry into the end of the one the Cyprus’ banks partially put him to blame.

There were other moves in the shuffling as well, including making Democratic Rally party lawmaker Nicos Nouris take the Interior Minister post, and having government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou take up the post of the Education Minister.