Andrey Turukhano, champion spearfisher and captain of the St. Petersburg team died in Cyprus while doing some underwater hunting.

According to Filleteferos, a Cypriot newspaper, Mr. Turukhano, 46, was found in the waters of Lara beach on the Akamas Peninsula.

Cyprus Police has said that Mr. Turukhano, had dived into the sea from his inflatable boat to spearfish as his wife remained on the boat. Quite notably, Mr. Turukhano did not use any oxygen bottles. At some point, he came to the surface while signaling for help and lost consciousness not much later. After his wife began to call for help, Mr. Turukhano was dragged out of the water by vacationers and transported to Paphos hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

The autopsy later revealed that the Russian athlete has died due to asphyxiation from drowning

According to social networks, the individual who is no longer with us was a sports enthusiast, involved in many different areas of expertise including several world level contests in fishing as well as part of a national Russian team.