Telecommunications company Cyta has announced the launch of its first ever 5G network service in Cyprus.

The company, which is working in collaboration with Vodafone claims that the joint venture will serve to mark a new beginning for an era of superior technological innovations.

According to a live social media presentation by Cyta’s CEO Andreas Neokleous, the service will provide high speeds of up to 1Gbps, along with better connectivity when the same network is connected to multiple devices.

He claims, however, that these improvements will only be the beginning of what is yet to come. The company plans to use the 5G technology to create innovations in several sectors including (but not limited to) agriculture, health, transport, education, and environment.

The combined Cytamobile-Vodafone 5G network currently has a coverage range of 70 per cent. The plan for them is to reach at least 98 per cent within the next 12 months.

All those currently subscribing to Cytamobile-Vodafone – be they companies or individual subscribers, shall get 5G access without any extra charge. All that is needed is a Cyta-certified 5G device that must stay within the coverage area.