The Cyprus Cannabis Association has been established with the blessings of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, popularly known as Keve.

The first ever meeting of the newly minted organization was held at the Chamber’s offices, where the main aims were discussed. These were – representing the interested organizations and stakeholders which will benefit from the cannabis industry, representing said industry at every government level to for education, research and promotion of its growth; and the creation of an economically practical and sound and prosperous cannabis industry on the island nation.

Founding Members of the Association include Harneys Law firm, Remedica Ltd, Quality Group, Deloitte Ltd, Alexander College Education Ltd, Constantinos Hadjiandreou, Logera Consulting Ltd, Olivier Sigolet, Magda Kozikowska, Athos HQ Group Business Services (Cyprus) Ltd, and KPL Biomedical Labs. Key officials of the Association include Andria Andreou (the President),  Konstantinos Hadjiandreou (the Vice President), Magda Kozikowska (the Secretary), and Kyriakos Lambrou (the Treasurer).